April Showers (Bring May Flowers) lyrics - Angel Apricot

April Showers (Bring May Flowers) lyrics by Angel Apricot - April Showers (Bring May Flowers) is the latest trending English song by Canadian popular singer Angel Apricot from the 2022 album The Pink Sunset Over You. Angel Apricot has penned April Showers (Bring May Flowers) lyrics. Get the exclusive lyrics of the song April Showers (Bring May Flowers) by Angel Apricot.

April Showers (Bring May Flowers) Song Details:

Song: April Showers (Bring May Flowers)

Singer: Angel Apricot

Lyrics: Angel Apricot

Album: The Pink Sunset Over You

Language: English

Music Rights: Angel Apricot

April Showers (Bring May Flowers) Lyrics - Angel Apricot

January is sober

Like I've always been

February just say it

And you're forgiven

March can't stand to see me

Looking like I do

I stick to my story

Just like April blues

May is there for the drama

Always starting something

June wants to be noticed

But she's never in focus

July send me a postcard

Whenever you get there

August live at the peep show

I'll send you a picture

September acts like he's sorry

So he gets one more chance

Make peace with October

If you want to dance

Clip my wings in November

It's a yearly tradition

Dip my feet in December

I might slip right in

- Written by Angel Apricot

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