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Persistence lyrics by Angel ApricotPersistence is the latest trending English song by Canadian popular singer Angel Apricot from the 2022 album The Pink Sunset Over You. Angel Apricot has penned Persistence song lyrics. Get the exclusive lyrics of the song "Persistence" by Angel Apricot.

Persistence Lyrics Angel Apricot

Persistence Song Details:

Song: Persistence

Singer: Angel Apricot

Lyrics: Angel Apricot

Album: The Pink Sunset Over You

Language: English

Music Rights: Angel Apricot

Persistence Lyrics - Angel Apricot

I caught a case of you

Just like somebody sick of themselves

Could get used to

There's no place for my heart

I begin where I start

New again everlasting

Leave me out to dry

Like you just might tie

Bedsheets on a wire

In the middle of July

That's when it hits

Exposed skin gets a kiss

Blessed are those who lay still

With the sun as it wills

So time will forget

You are gone in that sense

But those tender vibrations

Left and right still persist

Long after the end of the song

Is done playing

So in that way I'm still waiting


My heart will set the pace

Thump thump is that you

Telling me what is true

I am sweet in my lonesome but

Rough in reflection

Lost without sense of direction

- Written by Angel Apricot

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