Sparks Lyrics - Angel Apricot | The Pink Sunset Over You

Sparks lyrics by Angel Apricot - Sparks is the latest trending English track by the Canadian popular singer Angel Apricot from the 2022 album The Pink Sunset Over You. Angel Apricot has penned Sparks lyrics. Get the exclusive lyrics of the song Sparks by Angel Apricot.

Sparks Song Details:

Song: Sparks

Singer: Angel Apricot

Lyrics: Angel Apricot

Album: The Pink Sunset Over You

Language: English

Music Rights: Angel Apricot

Sparks Lyrics - Angel Apricot

You can't have me

Like you did


Be a stranger


Like before

I'll be sharp for you


Like a blade

I can cut

If you want me

You'll just have to say

That you would lie for me

Won't ya

Cuz I would cry so sorely

For ya

Shine a light

On me

I'm faded

You know what you're looking for

Just go out and take it

I've seen it all before

I'm so forgetful

I'm sour in my core

But I'm not regretful

Thunder cloud you're awfully lonely

You can open up just let it out

I've been up since dawn this morning

I wont whisper what I ought to shout

I have seen the moon in violet

Wishing up a new day after

I have seen the clouds get violent

Let me see that spark inside of you


I know its on your mind


Cuz you would be so kind

Right- Written by Angel Apricot

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