Bruise (멍) Lyrics in Romanized - JO YURI

Bruise (멍) lyrics romanized JO YURI

Bruise (멍) is a brand new 2023 Korean song with vocals by Korean actress and singer JO YURI who was former member of the South Korean–Japanese girl group Iz*One. Lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) is penned by ​HEN (헨) and music is composed by ​HEN (헨). This latest song is from the album Love All Find the exclusive romanized lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI.

The lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI is all about heartbreak and narrates pain and hurt suffered by the heart after parting with her lover. Towards the end of the lyrics, the lyricist reaffirms that even if she press hard on the name of her lover, it won't hurt her, since she has already suffered a lot and now she is ready to leave things behind and start afresh. Blue heart has got great importance in the lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI.

Bruise (멍) Song Details:

Song: Bruise (멍)

Singer: JO YURI

Music: ​HEN (헨)

Lyrics: ​HEN (헨)

Language: Korean

Bruise (멍) Lyrics in Romanized - JO YURI

[Start of the Lyrics]

Neowaui ibyeoreun

Jugeul mankeum apeujido

Mueonga heureujido anko

Gamanhi peojyeoinne

Seuchigi jeonen apeunjido moreul mankeum

Got sarajil geol al jeongdoro

Apeun geot gata

Paran maeumeun got sarajil geoya

Eonje dachyeonneunji moreuge hyungteodo eopsi

Paran maeumeun got ichyeojil geoya

Eonjengan ne ireumeul sege nulleodo an apeugetji

Paran maeumeun got ichyeojil geoya

Eonjenga ne ireumeul sege

Nureumyeon tto apaolkka

Parake meongdeun nae maeumui saegeun

Sigani jina gayaman

Nulleodo an apeugetji

Nulleodo an apeugetji

[End of the Lyrics] 

- Written by ​HEN (헨) 

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Frequently Asked Questions & Trivia

1. Who is the singer of the song Bruise (멍)?

JO YURI has sung the song Bruise (멍).

2. Who has composed the music of the Korean song Bruise (멍)?

The music of the song Bruise (멍) is composed by ​HEN (헨).

3. Who penned the Korean song Bruise (멍) lyrics?

The lyrics of this song Bruise (멍) is written by ​HEN (헨).

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