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Bruise (멍) is a brand new 2023 Korean song with vocals by Korean actress and singer JO YURI who was former member of the South Korean–Japanese girl group Iz*One. Korean lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) is penned by ​HEN (헨) and music is composed by ​HEN (헨). This latest song is from the album Love AllFind the exclusive Korean lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI.

The Korean lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI is all about heartbreak and narrates pain and hurt suffered by the heart after parting with her lover. Towards the end of the Bruise (멍) lyrics, the lyricist reaffirms that even if she press hard on the name of her lover, it won't hurt her, since she has already suffered a lot and now she is ready to leave things behind and start afresh. Blue heart has got great importance in the lyrics of the song Bruise (멍) by JO YURI.

Bruise (멍) Song Details:

Song: Bruise (멍)

Singer: JO YURI

Music: ​HEN (헨)

Lyrics: ​HEN (헨)

Language: Korean

Bruise (멍) Lyrics in Korean - JO YURI

[Start of the Lyrics]

너와의 이별은

죽을 만큼 아프지도

무언가 흐르지도 않고

가만히 퍼져있네

스치기 전엔 아픈지도 모를 만큼

곧 사라질 걸 알 정도로

아픈 것 같아

파란 마음은 곧 사라질 거야

언제 다쳤는지 모르게 흉터도 없이

파란 마음은 곧 잊혀질 거야

언젠간 네 이름을 세게 눌러도 안 아프겠지

파란 마음은 곧 잊혀질 거야

언젠가 네 이름을 세게

누르면 또 아파올까

파랗게 멍든 내 마음의 색은

시간이 지나 가야만

눌러도 안 아프겠지

눌러도 안 아프겠지

[End of the Lyrics] 

- Written by ​HEN (헨) 

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