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Gender Envy lyrics by Angel ApricotGender Envy is the latest trending English song by Canadian popular singer Angel Apricot from the 2022 album The Pink Sunset Over You. Angel Apricot has penned Gender Envy song lyrics. Get the exclusive lyrics of the song "Gender Envy" by Angel Apricot.

Gender Envy lyrics by Angel Apricot

Gender Envy Song Details:

Song: Gender Envy

Singer: Angel Apricot

Lyrics: Angel Apricot

Album: The Pink Sunset Over You

Language: English

Music Rights: Angel Apricot

Gender Envy Lyrics - Angel Apricot

Bring me up to speed

I missed a thing or two

Lately I'm falling through

Just like a bad dream

I try so hard to scream

But nothings coming out

I've always had my doubts

I thought was jealousy

She was windy

She was high

Every autumn

She would let it die

She was cloudy

She was clear

Not a word

That you couldn't hear

Take me I'm so tired

Bloodshot eyes you desire

Tempted in your wake

I wont make that mistake

I saw my tongue turn green

I must have lied

It was just a fib

Envy do you blame me

If you were in my sleeves

What would you do

I bet you'd think it through

I bet you would deny it

- Written by Angel Apricot

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