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Asteroid lyrics by Angel ApricotAsteroid is the latest trending English song by Canadian popular singer Angel Apricot from the 2022 album The Pink Sunset Over You. Angel Apricot has penned Asteroid song lyrics. Get the exclusive lyrics of the song "Asteroid" by Angel Apricot.

Asteroid Lyrics Angel Apricot

Asteroid Song Details:

Song: Asteroid

Singer: Angel Apricot

Lyrics: Angel Apricot

Album: The Pink Sunset Over You

Language: English

Music Rights: Angel Apricot

Asteroid Lyrics - Angel Apricot

You make it look so easy

Maybe I can try

And when I'm tired baby

You can stay the night

Turn off the moonbeams for me

Bring it real close

I saw the meteor crash

Down into us both

In the crater from the rock

The asteroid felt hot

So for now I'll let you out

I'll let you in

You pick me up when I fall

Down into the depths

You brush me out when I can

Use a place to rest

I stick onto you like a

Piece of bubblegum

And when I need somebody

You're the only one

And right now I need you lots

There's a creature on the moss

And he has it out for me

I've got toxins in my bloodstream

I know you have the cure

I'm sure

- Written by Angel Apricot

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