Out Of Bounds Lyrics - Jen Frog

Out Of Bounds lyrics Jen Frog

Out Of Bounds lyrics by Jen Frog is the latest trending English song sung by Jen Frog. The lyrics of the song Out Of Bounds is penned by lyricist Jen Frog, Bunklump & Greezy Trillion and the music is composed by Jen Frog. The music video features Jen Frog in the lead. Here we present to you the exclusive lyrics of the English song Out Of Bounds by Jen Frog.

Out Of Bounds Song Details:

Song: Out Of Bounds

Singer: Jen Frog

Music: Jen Frog

Lyrics: Jen Frog, Bunklump & Greezy Trillion

Featuring: Jen Frog

Language: English

Out Of Bounds Lyrics - Jen Frog

Greezy Trillion:

When i'm playing basketball, i never get out of bounds

When i miss a basket, all the bitches just frown

My friends been saying i lost a couple pounds

Like i don't got the energy to dunk on one round

Jen Frog:

I swear to god, greezy is trash

When he on court, he never ever pass

Bunky got the ball, he put the flukey down

Shot it in the hoop, all that i could do is frown


Yeah im gonna diss in a basketball song

Klay come on court, he don't wanna play long

Stephen not Curry, he don't know how to shoot 3's

If i catch him with the ball, he buzzing with the bees

Greezy Trillion and Bunklump:

Too fast, dribbling, shooting on court

Out of bounds? what is that? I'm allergic to da scoring

Shooting like i'm Kobе, this game never gеts boring

I be sweating so much, i be feeling like Jacob Pouring

Im only 17, with a big dream, niggas tryna talk me down

So i grab the basketball, fuck all the haters, they just wanna knock us all

Im like Stephen Curry, that was not a shock at all

Jen Frog:

Im still on the court, orange ball in my hand

She said she wanna hang but i got basketball plans

Me and Greezy go crazy, we be going for the score

I shot a basket on him, now he crying on the floor

Greezy Trillion:

Imagine going out of bounds, that could never be me

Im playing basketball, fuck inside and watching TV

My number 13, i don't need to change up my scheme

Im tryna score me something, fuck what's gonna make me be


Im ballin' all day, just like Curry and Klay

I know i just dissed them, but i'm making new waves

This ain't florida Rap, this a whole new Wave

If i'm sweating like a bitch, Gatorades what i crave

Jen Frog:

Like i'm tougher on court than i am in my grave

Piss on all the other players, bitch i finished my day

Im beating niggas up, you can just call me Trey

Playing basketball, get no out of bounds all day

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