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Braggin Rights lyrics Real Boston Richey

Braggin' Rights lyrics by Real Boston Richey is the latest English song released on Real Boston Richey channel. Music is composed by Real Boston Richey while lyrics of Braggin' Rights is written by Real Boston Richey.

Fans of Real Boston Richey across the world were waiting patiently for the release of the song Braggin' Rights and finally their wait is over as the song has been released by the producers. Check out the lyrics of the brand new English song Braggin' Rights by Real Boston Richey which is trending right now for all the right reasons.

Braggin' Rights Song Details:

Song: Braggin' Rights

Singer: Real Boston Richey

Music: Real Boston Richey

Lyrics: Real Boston Richey

Features: Real Boston Richey

Language: English

Braggin' Rights Lyrics - Real Boston Richey

Do you know how that shit annoys me?

Damn, let me see that pussy, bae


You ain’t gon’ let me see this pussy?

That’s all you care about?

Bye (Andree, run it up)

That’s f*cked up

On God

That’s why you [?]


Boy, that bitch do not f*ck you, for real

Ayy, man, what’s up?

They want braggin’ rights, so I don’t need no help

I keep my game tight, I stand down, run it up by myself

I’m a player, baby, so don’t play with me, better watch yo’ step

Got a habit of f*ckin’ bitches, gotta owe this ho all this pain I felt

Got a habit of f*ckin’ bitches, hoes, can’t give no bitch my heart

Won’t let a bitch know, I know she cheated

Ni**a, I play my part

Won’t let a bitch know whenever I’m leavin’, bitch, I play it smart

And she gon’ hide when she be cheatin’, but, I’ma up thе charts

Ni**a, I’ma up the score

Trappin’ dope from coast to coast

Don’t need a bitch, I lеave a ho

I take that back, only time I need a bitch to drive the dope

Gangster bitch straight up out the projects where you can’t hide a ho

Pull up, bitch

Gotta tell a bitch, “Come outside some more”

I’m on that shit, I serve a ni**a ass right up outside the store

Ni**a, I don’t know my plug, ni**a, I get my bud from Idaho

Forever do her wrong, how I grow up? Ni**a, we idle hoes

These new ni**as different, how they grown up, they slime the bros

I was taught when you meet a bitch, wine and dine the ho

I that’s yo’ main bitch, when you f*ckin’, slow stroke the ho

Finese your main bitch, give her free game, we don’t dope the ho

I’ll hit a ni**a with the blick when it’s up

Now, it be the pole to [?]

Drown off in the water


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