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Mohabbat Lyrics Amaal Mallik Vayu

Mohabbat lyrics by Amaal Mallik is the latest trending Hindi song released on Youtube featuring Aamna Sharif and produced by Bhushan Kumar. The music of this amazing song is composed by Amaal Mallik while lyrics are penned by Vayu. The music video of the song released by T-Series is directed by Krish Trivedi. Find the proper lyrics of the song Mohabbat in English words along with the music video and the English translation.

The latest viral Hindi songMohabbat” by Amaal Mallik is a sweet love song sung by someone who is deeply and madly in love. This song will surely connect with those who are in love and will serve as the perfect song you can dedicate to that special someone in your life on their birthday or your anniversary. The soft and romantic vocals of Amaal Mallik in the song is definitely gonna ring in your ears long after the song has ended. The lyrics of the song Mohabbat is poetic, rhyming and deeply emotional and can give you goosebumps if you have ever been in love. Amaal with his soothing vocals will surely make you his fan and you would wanna play this song on repeat! 

Mohabbat Song Details: 

Song: Mohabbat

Singer: Amaal Mallik

Music: Amaal Mallik

Lyrics: Vayu

Produced by: Bhushan Kumar

Language: Hindi

Music Label: T-Series

Mohabbat Lyrics - Amaal Mallik

Yu to hai tumhare

Lakh chahne wale

Lakhon mein ho tum jo ek hi

Phir bhi sochta hoon

Main tumhein bta doon

Baat yeh jo tumse naa kahin

Kuch is tarah se tumko chahenge hum

Tumhi se ladenge

Tumko manayenge hum

Tumhe apne dil ki dhadkan banayenge hum

Mohabbat to karke dekhon nibhayenge hum

Mila hoon jo tumse

Hai sach bas yahi ke

Ise mein bas khuda ki raza maan loon

Tabhi zindagi ko samjh mein sakoonga

Tumhe jeene ki jo wajah maan loon

Tumhe jeene ki wajah maan loon

Maan loon..

Kahi ab kisi se dil naa lagayenge hum

Tumhi se ladenge

Tumko manayenge hum

Ek tere hi aage khud ko jhukayenge hum

Mohabbat to karke dekhon nibhayenge hum

Kyun utaare, chaand tare

Teri raahon mein hum

Is jahan ke noor saare

Tere aage kuch naa sanam

Tu jidhar ho, jahan ho

Mera wada hai yeh

Is janam se har janam tak

Tere hi rahenge hum

- Written by Vayu

Mohabbat Lyrics English Translation - Amaal Mallik

You may have a million fans 

But you are one in a million 

I feel like telling you things 

that I have longed to share with you; 

I will crave you something like this 

I will fight with you 

But I will convince you, 

I will make you my heartbeat, 

so come fall in love 

And I promise I’ll make it last; 

I know that I have found you 

But I feel the truth is that it’s Almighty’s wish; 

if sometimes I don’t understand where life is going, 

I’ll make you the reason for my existence;

I’ll make you the reason for my existence;

I cannot give my heart to someone else, 

I’ll be the one and only that fights with you 

and I’ll be the one and only to dissolve the fight; 

I’ll only bend down for you, 

so come and love me and I promise I’ll make it last; 

There is no point in bringing down the moon and stars 

In my journey of making you mine, 

because nothing comes close to your radiance my dear, 

not even the light of the entire world: 

No matter where you are, 

this is my promise: 

I’ll remain tours for ever 

Through my life and years to come.

Watch Mohabbat Video Song

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