Gasms Song Lyrics - Smokey Robinson

Gasms song lyrics by Smokey Robinson is a trending English song composed, sung and performed by Smokey Robinson from album Gasms and features Smokey Robinson. The lyrics of this amazing song Gasms is penned by Smokey Robinson himself. Get the proper lyrics of the song Gasms by Smokey Robinson from the album Gasms.

Gasms Song Details:

Song: Gasms
Lyrics: Smokey Robinson
Singer: Smokey Robinson
Album: Gasms
Featuring: Smokey Robinson
Language: English

Gasms Lyrics - Smokey Robinson


When I look at you, it makes me feel better than good

And what I see is you and me together forever

I'm knocking on wood

Every kind of gasm in the book

Each I has 'em everytime I take a look

You give me gasms


You the one responsible for my gasms

Gasms gasms (Gasms gasms)

Gasms gasms (Gasms gasms)

You give me gasms


When I hear your voice my eardrums start to quiver

It's a sexy sound makes my love come down

And I know, you can deliver

Any kind of gasm on the list

The gasms you don't give me I don't think exists

You give me gasms


Soft and sweet or the kind the neighbors heargasms

If I think about you right now gon give me gasms (Gasms gasms)

Every little thought somehow gon give me gasms (Gasms gasms)

You get those mindgasms, those hard to find gasms

Gasm gasms

Eyegasms, eargasms

Just thinking about you or when you're here gasms

Every kind of gasm ever known

And a few I think are only mine alone

You give me gasms, gasm gasms

You give me gasm gasms, gasms

If I think about you right now gon give me gasms (Gasms gasms)

Every little thought somehow gon give me gasms

You give me those mind gasms

The kind you give me are the kind that are hard to findgasms (Gasms gasms)


You give those great gasms

When the mornings early, or when the night is lategasms (Gasms gasms)

You give me those real gasms

The kind that after your gone, but I still can feel gasms (Gasms gasms)

You give me gasms gasms

Ooh yes

You give gasm gasms

Gasms, gasms, gasms

Frequently Asked Questions & Trivia

1. Who is the singer of the song Gasms from the album Gasms?

Smokey Robinson has sung the song Gasms.

2. Who has composed the music of the English song Gasms?

The music of the song Gasms is composed by Smokey Robinson.

3. Who penned the English song Gasms lyrics?

The lyrics of this song Gasms is written by Smokey Robinson.

4. The song Gasms is from which English album?

The song Gasms is from the English album Gasms.


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