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Life Is A Mystery Lyrics sung by Mick Garry from the Mohanlal starrer Malayalam movie Alone. Music is composed by 4 Musics while lyrics are penned by Mick Garry. The movie is directed by Shaji Kailas who is known for directing movies such as Narasimham and Aaram Thampuran.

Life Is A Mystery Song Details:

Song: Life Is A Mystery

Movie: Alone

Singer: Mick Garry

Lyrics: Mick Garry

Music: 4 Musics

Cast: Mohanlal

Life Is A Mystery Lyrics - Alone

Life is a mystery

It can take you far away..

Better try to live FAST

Or mayvbe you choose it now..

All these darker nights

Or Rising Suns..

We don't know what to SAY..

What tomorrows gona bring..

We dont care anyway..

So live your dreams tonight..

Enjoy Fine Food and Fine Wine..

Every Time I Think about my Life

I end up drinking alone...

Hangovers are a state of mind

Its no more easy life

Sleepless nights are over

And I'm not going insane

Sleepless nights are over

Everything is gonna be the same..

Hey Hey

Don't wanna look back

Ahahahaa.. AHAHAHAA

Hey Hey

We gota Move On

Ahahahaa.. AHAHAHAA

This is my real life..

You come along and you see it now..

Believe in your dreams

Life Is A Mystery Lyrical Video Song

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