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Akashamayavale is one of the songs from the latest released Malayalam movie Vellam. The song is composed and arranged by Bijibal. The lyrics to this slow, sad yet beautiful song is penned by the talented Nidheesh Naderi. Shahabaz Aman has lent his appealing voice for the vocals of this song "Akashamayavale".

Akashamayavale Lyrics - Vellam

Akashamayavale Akale Parannavale

Chirakayirunnallo Nee Ariyaathe Poyann Njaan

Nizhalo Maanju Poyee Vazhiyum Marannu Poyee

Thoraatttha Raamazhayil

Choottumananju Poy Paattum Murinju Poy

Njano Shoonyamaayi

Udalum Chernn Poy Uyirum Pakuthu Poy

Ullam Pinanju Poy

Ottakkirunnethra Kaattu Njanelkkanam

Theera Novumaay

Ormayilazhnethra Kaathangal Neenthanam

Neeyam Theerameran

Kadavo Irunda Poy Padavil Thanichumaay

Ninavo Nee Mathramaay

Anthikilikoottamonnay Parann Poy

Vaanam Vimookamaay

Ittunilaavinte Nettimel Thottath

Neeyo Raakkanavo

About The Song

The song Akashamayavale from the Malayalam movie Vellam is a sad song, that has subtle undertones of regret and remorse. The scenes of the song also depicts the same mood. It portrays the main character of the movie attending a rehabilitation centre where he’s getting treatment to get over his drinking/drug habits. The song shows the effort he’s putting in to get over his past self. It depicts how the character is trying to rediscover himself as a better person than what he used to be. 

The song Akashamayavale is a track that definitely adds to the storyline of the movie. It gives the movie Vellam a good flow. 

Overall the song Akashamayavale is a sad song, but it surely holds hint of hope and optimism.

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